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21 easy do-follow links you can create right now! Directory Link Building

by SearchEngine Vibes
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Directory Link Building

There will be something I say that may make people scratch their heads. Even low-quality directory links can boost your search engine rankings. How? It isn’t natural for a website to naturally have a clean link profile filled with only high-quality links. This doesn’t just happen by itself.

You might be surprised how much organic traffic is pulled in by some of the most successful websites when you look at the link profiles of those sites’ top rankings for difficult terms. 

How do they rank and how many low-quality links do they have?

Most of the low-quality links are not built by them. As long as you have content, spammy scrapers will steal it and use it to link back to the original. In my experience, I’ve seen how takedown requests are ignored for both my own content as well as some of my clients’. You can disavow them or keep pushing forward, knowing that it’s inevitable.

It doesn’t mean a link isn’t useful and won’t enhance your search engine rankings because it isn’t from Forbes or Tech Crunch. Recently, we did a directory link-building campaign for one of our clients. Having just obtained a new domain, they wanted to warm it up over time while creating an e-commerce platform. After they go live, content marketing through their blog will be a major growth strategy, so building authority was valuable. The domain is currently under DA20 with no major link building.

Here are a couple of real-time examples. My reply is,

“Yes, you can build links on random directories and profile pages,” but that still leaves a lot of questions unanswered. It was okay to show you these as they had no objections.

My goal today is to show you a dozen links that were built in just a few hours, all of them do-follow. I am trying to show you there are unlimited opportunities to build links. You sometimes have to think like a regular person when doing SEO, not like a search engine optimization expert.

Business owners usually will put a link in their profile if they are a member of a forum or group that allows it. Furthermore, the officials are not going to look at the Domain Authority, the do-follow status of the link, or the Spam Score of the domain. Do you know why? It’s because the normal person doesn’t think that way.

People will enter a website’s URL if they see a field to do so, hoping someone will notice and click on it. These kinds of links are common in natural link profiles. It is natural for people to post his website link in his bio if he owns a pet’s website and is a member of a gaming forum.

List of 21 do-follow directory links with their Domain Authority to replicate

SINO.Website URLDALink Type
2foursquare.com92 Do-Follow
3trustpilot.com92 Do-Follow
4manta.com88 Do-Follow
5angel.co85 Do-Follow
62findlocal.com68 Do-Follow
7expressbusinessdirectory.com65 Do-Follow
8businessworld.in64 Do-Follow
9locanto.net63 Do-Follow
10elocal.com62 Do-Follow
11myntra.com62 Do-Follow
12thetoptens.com61 Do-Follow
13find-us-here.com60 Do-Follow
14cityinsider.com58 Do-Follow
15traderscity.com58 Do-Follow
16asklaila.com56 Do-Follow
17whereincity.com53 Do-Follow
18designfirms.org52 Do-Follow
19tuugo.co.uk50 Do-Follow
2040billion.com46 Do-Follow
21fundoodata.com44 Do-Follow
<strong>Do-Follow Directory Links </strong>

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