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Dedicated Hosting: A Good to Go Option for Large Businesses

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Dedicated Hosting: A Good to Go Option for Large Businesses

Do you own a large business organization? So, are you thinking about getting a dedicated server for your website? But don’t have much information about the same?

Moving your website/application to a dedicated server is a vital decision and longtime worthy investment so understanding the benefits of this hosting type is essential. When you own or run a business it requires dedicated efforts 24/7 to make sure everything runs smoothly, and your clients have the best experience. You can create an impactful online presence by opting for cloud hosting from MilesWeb and dedicated server hosting.

In this guide, we’ll get to know briefly about dedicated server hosting, how it’s a good to go option for your large business, and from whom you can purchase, that’s MilesWeb’s highly secure dedicated servers.

Let’s first start by knowing what a dedicated server is.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

The word dedicated server hosting means the perfect choice for businesses that have reached a platform where the data obtained and traffic is relatively very high. While you have a small business, you usually start with shared hosting, and as your business grows, a robust and high-performing hosting plan becomes the next step toward the growth of your business.

A dedicated server is a type of web hosting service wherein an entire server is committed to your website/application. The server and all its resources meet the growing demands of your website. The entire server space is yours, so highly secure, highly powerful and can be customized according to your needs.

Here’s a list of the advantages of dedicated server hosting:

Full Control

With dedicated server hosting, you get full control over the server. This means, you can install the software of your choice, take control over the ports, and can imply configurations in the way you want. Also, you can customize the server to match your requirements and add any of the functionality you want.

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated resources do not just mean top-notch processing power, but it also means 100% of server resources are committed to your website/app. You don’t have to share the server resources with other tenants on the server. Resources like CPU, RAM, bandwidth are dedicated to your website/app. MilesWeb offers 100% dedicated resources that you don’t have to share with other tenants on the server.

Higher Uptimes

When you opt for dedicated server hosting, your website will be available online always. Because if you have a large business organization, it’s vital that your website/app needs to be functional online. Consider web hosting providers like MilesWeb that promise a 99.95% uptime guarantee with their dedicated server plans.

Greater Reliability

When you are on a shared server, the performance of your website is affected by other sites on the server. So, it will affect your site speed and ultimately, harm the SEO rankings.  In fact, in the case of dedicated servers, you get higher reliability as the server is exclusive to your website/application. And you don’t have to share it with other tenants on the server.

Dedicated server offers the highest level of performance, reliability and security.

Get a Dedicated IP Address

Every dedicated server has its unique IP address. When you go for shared hosting, your IP address is also shared with other users. It is vital to have a dedicated IP address for your large website that needs an SSL certificate to process the credit card transactions.

Offers Higher Level of Security            

With a dedicated server, there are no chances of your site getting attacked by security threats or malicious activity. Because there are no neighbors on the server. You also get the freedom to install the security software you need and modify them accordingly.

Why Large Businesses Should Consider Dedicated Hosting?

We have seen that dedicated hosting offers so many benefits. And this is what a large-scale business need. It’s a perfect platform to handle the incoming traffic by boosting the speed of your website/application.

No doubt, dedicated servers are costly, but you do not have to compromise either on security, performance, or speed. Dedicated server has a perfect balance between these parameters.

So, if you are planning to scale your business, or already have one, dedicated server is for you. Now the point comes from where should you purchase the dedicated server. MilesWeb is an industry-leading web hosting provider from India. They are well-known for offering reliable and budget-friendly web hosting solutions to clients.

MilesWeb offers a wide spectrum of web hosting services catering to the requirements of every client. This also includes dedicated server hosting. Yes, MilesWeb offers enterprise-grade dedicated server plans for your large-scale or eCommerce sites. You can get started with MilesWeb’s dedicated server easily. They offer instant server setup, wherein after placing an order your server will all set to get online. Plus, you get access to all the best features like full root access, 10 Gbps Network, SSL Encryption, enterprise-grade hardware, unlimited website hosting, and more.

Summing Up Dedicated server serves well for your large business. It offers all the top-performing features to deliver the best results for your resource-heavy websites. And as mentioned above, MilesWeb offers the best dedicated server hosting at the best prices. Sign-up for MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting and take your business to new heights of success

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