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Driving retail sales and reaching new customers during the holiday season

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Retail holiday marketing guide

Disruptions to the retail industry caused a dramatic change in shopping behavior, but people are feeling optimistic about the future. This holiday season will be a time for celebration, and they have much to look forward to. That can also be seen in their shopping. 

The number of retail searches grew three times faster in the fourth quarter of 2020 than the same period last year, indicating a significant shift to digital. Customer shopping behavior is also becoming more complex, as they combine online and in-store shopping experiences.

All your holiday marketing needs, from optimizing your existing marketing mix to making a game plan.

  • As customers browse they pick up brand and product information: whether it’s scrolling through interesting topics on Discover or watching product reviews on YouTube.

81% of consumers in surveyed countries across the globe say they’ve discovered new brands online during COVID-19.

  • Connect with potential customers and inspire action with video

YouTube has evolved from a singular entertainment destination to a place where people come to learn, stream, and inspire their next purchase. When watching videos, customers can shift from passive browsing to active shopping when they come across a product that interests them and motivates them to learn more.

YouTube is a great tool to build awareness and inspire people to take the action that matters to your business.

You can even transform your video ad into a digital storefront by complementing your Video action campaigns with a browse-able product feed that encourages clicks and conversions.

  • Measure the right metrics and optimize for success

Before you get started, Reach Planner can help you achieve your marketing objectives by showing you which audiences and video ads will be most effective for your business.

Google tools can help you determine the best YouTube strategy, measure the right goals, and uncover insights to continually optimize your campaigns.

After launch, Brand Lift can show you how your campaign influenced people’s feelings about your product with ad recall, brand awareness, and consideration metrics.

Holiday highlights for 2021

This year, retail is anticipated to have its biggest holiday season ever, with Cyber Monday and Black Friday to surpass $10 billion in eCommerce sales. With retailers lapping tremendous growth last year, digital will play a critical role to cut through the noise and reach shoppers in their purchase journey. The top three moments Americans shop for during the year are Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Mother’s Day.

As of June, 58% of US holiday shoppers said they will shop online more this season than in previous years.

Shoppers will rely on omnichannel experiences to confirm items are in stock or available nearby before their in-store shopping trip. Searches on Google Maps for “curbside pickup” have increased globally by 5,000% year over year.

Discounts and shipping are heavy influencers. 78% of US holiday shoppers say they will shop at stores that offer free shipping, 80% say they will shop at stores that offer discounts.

Ready for the holidays

Get started early

Be prepared for the holiday shopping season with a strong channel measurement strategy, upload your holiday deals, and surfaced shipping and return options earlier, as people begin their shopping earlier to avoid out-of-stocks or stock up.

Display your presence

Provide informative and inspiring content throughout the buyer’s journey, besides just providing clear information about the product, availability, and offers.

Take advantage of your fans’ interest

Create a personalized, intuitive app experience for new users that will convert them into loyal customers based on your brand’s authentic stance on sustainability, local ties, and key issues.

Flexibility is important

Ensure your inventory is visible digitally and provide multiple delivery and pickup options to ensure the purchasing process is as convenient as possible.

Change is inevitable

Adapt your digital strategy to the long-term changes in the consumer landscape while preparing for short-term shifts in demand with automated tools.

In this Retail holiday marketing guide, you can find tools, product recommendations, and consumer insights that can help you achieve your business and marketing goals.

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