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How to Pin a Comment on Instagram: 5 Tricks To Get More Engagement On Your Posts

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Whether you’re a blogger, brand, influencer or business owner with an Instagram page: If you want to grow your audience and drive more engagement on your posts then you need to think about how best to do that.

All great content is worthless if people can’t find it. To increase the discoverability of your posts and get them in front of your target audience, you need to add a few tricks up your sleeve. These tips will help you get more likes and comments on your posts while simultaneously keeping new followers coming in.

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you already know that Instagram is a visual platform. This means your photos must be engaging and optimize the visual space to attract more followers. There are so many ways to do this, but one of our favorite hacks is using the comment feature to drive engagement on Instagram posts.

You see, adding an image with a comment as a caption as opposed to writing it in the caption field doesn’t only look good but also optimizes the visual space and makes your followers want to engage with your post even further.

Here’s how you can pin a comment on Instagram and get more engagement on your posts.

What is Pinning a Comment on Instagram?

When we say pinning a comment on Instagram, what we mean is that you’ve made a comment on your own post and pinned it to be seen at the very top of the feed where the image for the post is located.

This is a really popular strategy among brands because it really draws attention to the comment section and encourages users to engage more with your brand and post. So what makes people want to engage with your post even more? Well, it’s the visual aspect.

Commenting on your own posts is great, but what if you could do it while adding an image at the same time? That’s where pinning the comment comes in. With this technique, you can add a visual element to your comment and push it right to the top of the pile. And by doing this, you’re essentially allowing people to leave a comment as well as like your post all in one go. 

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram

To pin a comment on Instagram, you first need to create a comment on your post. To do this, navigate to the post you want to pin a comment on, tap the three dots in the top-right corner, and select “New Comment”. From here, you can write your comment in the text field and add an image to the comment by clicking the camera icon.

Once you’ve got your comment ready, tap “Post” and then tap “Send as Comment”. This will send your comment to the feed as a comment and also pin it to the top of the feed. But what if you want to pin a comment on a photo that doesn’t come from your own feed? Well, you can do this too.

Just navigate to the photo you want to pin the comment on and tap the three dots in the top-right corner. From here, select “New Comment” and follow the steps from above.

5 Tips to Get More Engagement on Instagram with Pinned Comments

Now, we’ve already talked about how pinning comments on Instagram is a great way to get more engagement on your posts, but we’ve also gone into detail on how you can actually do so.

Here are a few extra tips to help you get the most out of this strategy.

  • First, remember that the picture you pin your comment on should always be high-quality. Make sure your image is engaging, eye-catching, and that it’s not just a random image that has nothing to do with the post.
  • Don’t pin a comment on every single post you publish. Only pin a comment on a post if you really have something to say or want to encourage your followers to engage.
  • Don’t be afraid to be creative with your pinning strategy. You don’t have to use the same image for every pin.

Feel free to experiment with different images to see what works best for your brand.

3 Free Tools to Help You With Pinning Comments on Instagram

Now that we’ve covered how to actually pin a comment on Instagram, let’s talk about some tools that can help you make this process even easier. This first one is called Pindrop.

  1. With Pindrop, you can create and design your own pins, add images to your comments, create polls, and so much more. This next one is called Pingram.
  2. With Pingram, you can create and design a wide range of pins including text boxes, stickers, and image pins.
  3. We have the tool Comment Pin. Comment Pin allows you to design and create pins that are specifically designed to help you pin comments on Instagram. This tool is super useful because it allows you to create images that are designed specifically for Instagram. Comment Pin also allows you to create text boxes and stickers to go with your pins. 

2 Paid Tools to Help You Get More Out of Comment Pinning

Now let’s take a look at two paid tools that can help you get the most out of comment pinning.

  1. Commentor is an Instagram engagement tool that allows you to comment on your own posts and also on the posts of your followers. With Commentor, you can create a pin for your comment, add images, and even include video for a fully engaging pin.
  2. Next, we have Social Kick. With Social Kick, you can pin comments on your own posts, but you can also pin comments on the posts of your followers. You also get the ability to like your own posts and posts of your followers, and you can even engage with their posts with social kick.


Now that you know how to pin a comment on Instagram, we hope you’re inspired to start using this visual engagement strategy. Commenting on your own posts is a great way to engage with your followers, and pinning those comments brings them to the top of the feed where they’re more likely to be seen.

And since Instagram is a visual platform, using visual engagement strategies like this one will help drive more engagement on your posts and grow your following even faster.


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