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Keyword Research: How to Find New Keywords that Rank on Google in 15 Days or Less

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How to Find New Keywords that Rank on Google Easily

Within Google Search Console, if you select the “Performance” tab, your website will appear in organic results of the search terms. Clicking on the “Impressions” column allows you to sort these results by the number of impressions received.

Let me give you an example:
10.9k impressions and 13 clicks have been recorded for this keyword. On average position, the website is ranked #58.1 for this keyword.

Best way to find new keywords

What if it appeared on the first page? Imagine how many clicks it could get if it showed up on page one?

The best method to find new keywords is through keyword research. In many situations, pages rank for valuable keywords without even your effort, and when you find a starting point like this, you can quickly improve your SEO results with minimal link building.

Furthermore, you can enter the keyword into SEO tools like Ahref, SEMrush & Ubersuggest so you can see which pages rank in the top spot, then take that information the supporting keywords & content gaps and further improve and strengthen your page.

Moreover, you can analyze their backlink profiles to figure out what method you should use to increase the number of links to your content.

If you begin with a page that already receives some organic traffic from Google even without any optimization, moving it higher in the SERPs is much easier.

A few more links and more content can typically make a big difference.

The truth is that I see too many people relying on data provided by third parties to determine what keywords to optimize for. However, the data is nothing more than an educated guess. Getting your data directly from Google Search Console, the search engine on which you want to rank is the most direct method.

Isn’t it smart to optimize for keywords for which you already receive organic impressions from Google? We aren’t working with third-party data that may be inaccurate. Basically, it is straight from Google and says, “Hey, here are some keywords you can rank for quite easily and with little effort.”

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