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Our platform is an open platform where bloggers can share their stories. Develop their digital marketing skills and become recognized in the industry.

Our platform provides you with opportunity, access to resources, and expert advice. Using our guidelines, you’ll be able to align your work in a way that matters to the world. 

Join us as a guest contributor.

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In order to maintain the integrity of our blog, we carefully select what to post and what not to publish. It is important that you read the following guidelines carefully before submitting your blog to SearchEnginVibes.

If you have any queries regarding guest posting at SearchEngineVibes, do let us know via the contact form or Email: writeforus@searchenginevibes.com

Guest Posts / Articles Publishing Process at SEV

We publish stories from Digital Marketing experts on our blog. They discuss their various experiences and provide assistance. It gives the readers a better understanding of how digital marketing works today.

The voice of such Digital Marketing professionals, our crowds are anticipating what’s to come with the presentation of information designs that is illustrative and effectively justified.

For the visitor’s request to be acknowledged, you must comprehend the rules carefully. Here are two alternatives you can choose from:

  • Those who wish to have their stories distributed quickly can choose “Supported Guest Post”. If it meets our rules and is endorsed by our editors, the distribution will take about 1-2 business days.
  • As we receive hundreds of requests daily or your request may not be what we need, it takes more or less 5-10 days for a simple story request to be noticed by our staff. You should try another site if you do not receive any attention after 15 business days. 

Here are the Guidelines for Submitting SEO Articles / Guest Posts 

  • Your primary focus should be on the SEO and Digital Marketing industries.
  • A minimum of 1000 words is required for an article.
  • Your post should be filled with solid and unique details.
  • Provide audience members with effective solutions based on their current situation.
  • Make your content precise by adding pointers, steps, and bullet points.
  • Your post should end with Key Takeaways.
  • Use a link to refer to another site in an accurate and helpful way.
  • Refer to our competitors’ sites only when it is necessary.
  • Finish with impressive closing remarks.

Write for us Guidelines

Dec’21 update: Be sure to read the guidelines carefully before submitting your guest post.


Sub: Guest Post Submission at SearchEngineVibes 

  • Title and Content (1000+ words with subheadings)
  • 3 FAQ’s – Relevant to the topic
  • Short Author Bio with Picture

Will, there be any back-link* (Pricing entails) to a website, let us know that as well

    New bloggers are encouraged to submit original content related to the blog’s topic so that it can be viewed by a wide audience.

    By reaching out to new audiences, sharing your talents, and contributing to the community, we hope to help you grow as an artist.

    Articles and Guest Posts: Tips for Acceptance

    1. Make sure your content is revised before you submit it. 
    2. Utilize headings and subheadings to properly format your content.
    3. Submit the post before the deadline.
    4. You should use no more than five references to other blogs in your content.
    5. Make sure you follow the guidelines.

    We won’t publish the following articles and guest posts:

    1.  Recurring topics
    2.  A lack of substantial value for the audience in the article
    3.  Articles that make claims without providing evidence
    4. There are many mistakes in the article. 
    5.  Self-promotion is the sole purpose of guest posts.

    Search queries for articles and guest posts on SEO blogs

    It is our audience

    Content that is highly informative, useful, and updated is targeted at the Global Audience. To increase their website’s visibility and organic traffic, we provide exceptional marketing services. 

    The areas we focus on are: 

    • Search engine optimization 
    • Professionals involved in digital marketing 
    • Marketing agencies that specialize in digital marketing
    • Micro- and small-sized businesses
    • Businesses of a large scale
    • Owners of individual businesses
    • Marketers who work outbound

    If you wish to write for SEV, please keep our target audience in mind. 

    Write for us (SEO) Search Engine Optimization

    It is essential that your content is authentic. Follows SEO optimization guidelines and proves the claims it makes. We suggest you get started right away. Your first guest post submission will be published on our website soon. Hidden articles are not supported by us. Unaligned content with our guidelines. This is why we require writers who understand how to work with competitors. Hopefully, we can help people with relative struggles in the Digital Marketing world.

    The following are topics for articles and guest posts on digital marketing:

    We accept submissions on the following topics, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional. You can write articles about how-tos, listicles, or informational topics.

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Website Designing 
    • Website Development
    • Digital Marketing
    • Link-Building
    • Content Marketing
    • SEO Tool and Techniques
    • Platforms for Guest Posting
    • Site Optimization
    • PPC
    • Blogging and other related areas. 
    • E-mail Marketing
    • Social Media Advertising
    • Local SEO
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Public Relations
    • Guest Posting
    • Video Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Web Analytics
    • Text Message Marketing
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • Display Advertising
    • E-Commerce Marketing
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Community Management
    • Mobile App Marketing
    • Book & eBook Marketing
    • Podcast Marketing
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing

    How can you contribute to SearchEngineVibes?

    The following tips will help you to get your article accepted and published at SearchEngineVibes:

    • Visit the homepage and check out the first few pages to understand what kind of articles we publish here and what kind of articles users engage with the most
    • Create content that adds value to readers and is solely focused on quality
    • If you’re a blogger or a genuine reader with something to share with the SearchEngineVibes community, you’re welcome to join
    • We accept articles in the following categories. Don’t submit ideas that have already been published on SearchEngineVibes

    Here are a few things to keep in mind before submitting your guest post:

    • Article quality: Articles should cover the topic in detail and be at least 1000 words. A half-cooked article is like half-cooked food; no one likes incomplete articles. Accepting guest posts is one of my major considerations. Write a very original piece that is tailored to SearchEngineVibes’ audience if you want to be published.
    • Credit: SearchEngineVibes respects individual work, so if your idea is derivative of someone else’s, don’t hesitate to credit them. Images that you use in your posts are no different. Please give credit where credit is needed.
    • Screenshot + Video: Pictures speak louder than words. You should add images to convey your message, but not just for their own sake. Take screenshots of your tutorials if you are writing them
    • Self-promotion: We accept genuine contributions as well as backlinks*. Contributing a post to SearchEngineVibes will give you the chance to build your brand.
    • Copyright: We respect everyone’s work. Using another site’s content is a violation of our rules, which may result in an immediate ban and immediate removal of your entire blog and profile from SearchEngineVibes. You also grant SearchEngineVibes copyright ownership of any post you submit. In this way, we can deal with any DMCA issues that may arise.
    • Comment: A comment is a discussion about a published article. Feel free to answer any questions related to your article in the comments section. Your readers will benefit from this and you will get more exposure.

    If you have any queries regarding guest posting at SearchEngineVibes, do let us know via the contact form or Emailwriteforus@searchenginevibes.com